1. Chobe Chilwero

In the north of Botswana lies Chobe Chilwero Lodge, one of the most enchanting places on earth. With gorgeous, breathtaking vistas as a backdrop, you'll come face-to-face with the abundant creatures of the bush, and some of the most spectacular sunsets Mother Nature bestows.

Chobe Chilwero Namibia 1 Chobe Chilwero Namibia 2 Chobe Chilwero Namibia 3

2. Damaraland Camp

Damaraland Camp is a warm, friendly place situated in the Huab River Valley in one of the most pristine wilderness areas in Namibia; as such it offers endless vistas across stark plains, ancient valleys and soaring inselberg of the Brandberg Mountains.

Damaraland Camp Namibia 1 Damaraland Camp Namibia 2 Damaraland Camp Namibia 3

3. Doro Nawas Camp

Doro Nawas Camp is situated in the ruggedly beautiful Damaraland area, on a small, rocky outcrop within the floodplain of a small tributary of the Huab River.

Doro Nawas Camp Namibia 1 Doro Nawas Camp Namibia 2 Doro Nawas Camp Namibia 3

4. Erongo Wilderness Lodge

Nature provides the compelling reasons for visiting this amazingly diverse piece of land amongst the foothills of the Erongo Mountains.
Erongo Wilderness Lodge Namibia 1 Erongo Wilderness Lodge Namibia 2 Erongo Wilderness Lodge Namibia 3

5. Etendeka Mountain Camp

Where man treads lightly and nature is respected.
Etendeka Mountain Camp Namibia 1 Etendeka Mountain Camp Namibia 2 Etendeka Mountain Camp Namibia 3

6. Fish River Lodge

Fish River Lodge in southern Namibia is the only lodge perched directly on the rim of the Fish River Canyon offering guests breathtaking views of the canyon from sunrise to sunset. Experience first hand the geological forces that unfolded 300 million years ago, when the Fish River began to etch its way through hard quartzite forming a Canyon 90 kilometres long, 549 metres deep and 28 kilometres wide in some places, making it the world's second largest Canyon.
Fish River Lodge Namibia 1 Fish River Lodge Namibia 2 Fish River Lodge Namibia 3

7. Fort Sesfontein Lodge

Fort Sesfontein lodge has been rebuilt from an old german fort. It is situated near Sesfontein in the north-west of Namibia where the Damaraland enters the Kaokoveld - close to the Hoanib river.

Fort Sesfontein Lodge Namibia 1 Fort Sesfontein Lodge Namibia 2 Fort Sesfontein Lodge Namibia 3

8. Gocheganas Lodge

Gocheganas - a descriptive Damara name, meaning: "Place of Camel Thorns, abounding with Candle-Pod Acacias" is more than just a place, it is an experience?. Located a mere 29km south east from Windhoek, and situated on a hilltop overlooking a spectacular landscape.

Gocheganas Lodge Namibia 1 Gocheganas Lodge Namibia 2 Gocheganas Lodge Namibia 3

9. Impalila Island Lodge

The rush of the Mambova Rapids casts a soft blanket of sound over Impalila Island Lodge. Nestled close to the junction of four countries - Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe - and near the meeting place of the mighty Zambezi and Chobe Rivers, Impalila Island Lodge is a water-bound wonderland.
Impalila Island Lodge Namibia 1 Impalila Island Lodge Namibia 2 Impalila Island Lodge Namibia 3

10. Kulala Desert Lodge

Kulala Desert Lodge is one of Namibia's best situated lodges in terms of its proximity to the sand dunes at Sossusvlei. A sunrise excursion into the dunes leaves a few minutes before sunrise, with breakfast eaten under a camelthorn tree near Sossusvlei.

Kulala Desert Lodge Namibia 1 Kulala Desert Lodge Namibia 2 Kulala Desert Lodge Namibia 3

11. Little Kulala Lodge

Situated south of the Sesriem gate to Sossusvlei lies the private 21 000 hectare Kulala Wilderness Reserve, the closest reserve to Sossuvlei itself. Little Kulala is in a prime location on the western side of the reserve. It offers magnificent dune scenery to the west and rugged Namib mountainous escarpment to the north and east with grassy plains and 'fairy circles' filling the spaces between.

Little Kulala Lodge Namibia 1 Little Kulala Lodge Namibia 2 Little Kulala Lodge Namibia 3

12. Little Ongava Lodge

Little Ongavais situated in the Ongava Game Reserve, a private 30 000 hectare game reserve located adjacent to the southern boundary of Etosha National Park. Little Ongava is built along the crest of a hill with wonderful views onto the plains below and is the ideal lodge from which to base your activities when visiting Etosha.

Little Ongava Lodge Namibia 1 Little Ongava Lodge Namibia 2 Little Ongava Lodge Namibia 3

13. Mowani Mountain Camp

Between the Ugab and Huab Rivers in Southern Damaraland lies a vast and unspoilt wilderness. This area boasts magnificent desert scenery, fascinating geological formations, archaeological sites and a unique variety of desert fauna and flora. It's also the Southernmost roaming ground for the rare black rhino and desert elephant.

Mowani Mountain Camp Namibia 1 Mowani Mountain Camp Namibia 2 Mowani Mountain Camp Namibia 3

14. Mushara Bush Camp

The latest addition to the Mushara Collection of exquisite accommodation establishments is the " Mushara Bush Camp", situated a mere 10 kilometers from the Von Lindequist gate of the world famous Etosha National Park.
Mushara Bush Camp Namibia 1 Mushara Bush Camp Namibia 2 Mushara Bush Camp Namibia 3

15. Mushara Lodge

Located only 8kms from the Von Lindequist Gate on the eastern outskirts of the Etosha National Park, Mushara Lodge is ideally situated for travelers visiting the park.
Mushara Lodge Namibia 1 Mushara Lodge Namibia 2 Mushara Lodge Namibia 3

16. Ntwala Island Lodge

Situated within the Mambova Rapids, 80 km upstream from the Victoria Falls where white sands and palm trees add to the romance, and belie the fact that this lodge is in Africa...Intricate floating walkways, surrounded by wild and powerful waterways, link an untouched Namibian cluster of islands in the heart of the Mambova Rapids.
Ntwala Island Lodge Namibia 1 Ntwala Island Lodge Namibia 2 Ntwala Island Lodge Namibia 3

17. Okonjima Lodge

Not only is Okonjima a luxury lodge, but it is also home to The AfriCat Foundation, a non-profit organisation, committed to long-term conservation of Namibia's large carnivores, especially cheetahs and leopards. A visit to Okonjima will give you an opportunity to witness some of AfriCat's work.

Okonjima Lodge Namibia 1 Okonjima Lodge Namibia 2 Okonjima Lodge Namibia 3

18. Olive Grove Guesthouse

Olive Grove is a small, upmarket establishment, situated close to the Windhoek city centre, in a quiet, peaceful area.
Olive Grove Guesthouse Namibia 1 Olive Grove Guesthouse Namibia 2 Olive Grove Guesthouse Namibia 3

19. Ongava Lodge

Etosha is Namibia's premier wildlife park. It has great concentrations of game, and there are wonderful views out onto the saltpans, which dominate the centre of the park.

Ongava Lodge is situated on the private 30,000 hectare Ongava Game Reserve and shares a common border with Etosha. The lodge offers the full Etosha experience while providing great accommodation and service, as well as the opportunity to take night drives and nature walks on the reserve, activities that are not allowed within Etosha.

Ongava Lodge Namibia 1 Ongava Lodge Namibia 2 Ongava Lodge Namibia 3

20. Serra Cafema Camp

Serra Cafema Camp is one of the most remote camps in all of Southern Africa and offers one of the most memorable experiences in Namibia. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the area and the remote explorer aesthetic, Serra Cafema is an unexpected oasis of luxury and sumptuous spaciousness perched on the Kunene River which forms Namibia's northernmost border.

Serra Cafema Camp Namibia 1 Serra Cafema Camp Namibia 2 Serra Cafema Camp Namibia 3

21. Susuwe Island Lodge

Susuwe Island Lodge offers visitors the opportunity to experience closely a wild and untouched island of Africa. Situated in north-eastern Namibia, our island is in the remote Kwando River - a permanent water source which nourishes delicate ecosystems and sustains varied game and birdlife.

Susuwe Island Lodge Namibia 1 Susuwe Island Lodge Namibia 2 Susuwe Island Lodge Namibia 3

22. The Mushara Outpost

The Mushara Outpost  is another addition to the Mushara Collection of exquisite accommodation establishments, situated a mere 10 kilometers from the Von Lindequist gate of the world famous Etosha National Park.
The Mushara Outpost Namibia 1 The Mushara Outpost Namibia 2 The Mushara Outpost Namibia 3

23. The Olive Exclusive

This intimate boutique hotel in a tranquil corner of Windhoek embodies the very essence of chic comfort.
The Olive Exclusive Namibia 1 The Olive Exclusive Namibia 2 The Olive Exclusive Namibia 3

24. The Stiltz Lodge

The Stiltz claims to offer the most spectacular views in Swakopmund overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Swakop river-bed, the sand dunes and the bird rich lagoon at the river mouth.

The Stiltz Lodge Namibia 1 The Stiltz Lodge Namibia 2 The Stiltz Lodge Namibia 3

25. Villa Mushara

The rugged harsh wilderness of Etosha combined with the exquisite accommodation and cuisine of Villa Mushara offers a stark contrast, which has been depicted in the villas through the use of opposing textures.
Villa Mushara Namibia 1 Villa Mushara Namibia 2 Villa Mushara Namibia 3

26. Wolwedans Lodge

Wolwedans, which takes its name from the African - "where the wolves dance", is situated in the heart of NamibRand Nature Reserve. Nestled amidst red dunes and set against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty, Wolwedans provides the perfect base from which to explore vast stretches of awe-inspiring nature and learn about an exciting variety of desert creatures.

Wolwedans Lodge Namibia 1 Wolwedans Lodge Namibia 2 Wolwedans Lodge Namibia 3


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Namibia is one of those dreamlike places that make you question whether something so visually orgasmic could actually exist. Time and space are less defined here. Landscapes collide. Experiences pile up. Watch a lion stalking its prey on a never-ending plain in Etosha. Fly down a giant dune on a sandboard. Spend a night alone in the desert under a sky so thick with stars you can’t differentiate between constellations.

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